'The apricot tree makes its presence felt by extending a bough of blossoming flowers over the top of the wall. Unbeknownst to those who live behind the wall.' This is a line from a poem by an ancient Chinese poet Ye Shaoweng. In ancient Chinese culture, a blossoming apricot branch is a metaphor for a married woman. Imagine a closed garden full of the beauty of spring, with bees humming and butterflies flying around; meanwhile, an apricot tree is reaching its blossoming branch over the wall, curious about the world outside the garden. It depicts the conflicting emotions of a woman who craves for freedom but is constrained by traditional doctrines and ethics.

Choreographed by Xiaomei Zhang (Professor of Beijing Dance Academy) for the 8th Tao Li Cup Dance


  • 2007 Beijing Dance Competition: Best performer
  • 2006 8th Tao Li Cup, Youth Category, 'A' Division: Third place
  • 2006 3rd Dance Competition of Northeastern China: Best Performer
  • Seoul International Dance Festival: Third Place

Featured in:

  • Seoul International Dance Festival
  • Seoul International Dance and Choreography
  • Chicago China Festival



编导:张晓梅 北京舞蹈学院副教授


  • 表演一等奖   2007年荣获第十届北京市舞蹈比赛
  • 表演三等奖   2006年荣获第八届桃李杯民间舞青年A组
  • 表演一等奖   2006年荣获第三届华北五省舞蹈比赛2001年荣获第五届
  • 表演三等奖   2009年7月获第六届首尔国际舞蹈比赛


2006年 首演北京展览馆剧院

2007年2月 受邀参加第十四届首尔国际创舞会

2009年12月 受邀芝加哥参加芝加哥2009年中国节和2009年北京艺术节作品展