My love affair with dance

Dong Mei is a freelance solo dance artist residing in Vancouver, Canada. She was born in Guangxi, China, and was once a youth instructor at the Beijing Dance Academy before moving to Vancouver in 2014. At the age of 11, she began her studies at the Beijing Dance Academy’s associated high school and continued on to earn her Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) degree there. During her third year Bachelors studies, Dong Mei was already awarded the highest honour, the “Solo Chinese Cultural Performance Award” presented to her by the professional performing arts section of the People’s Republic of China’s Department of Culture. When she entered the Student Cup Competition in her second year of undergrad, the Assistant Executive Director of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony, Mr. Zhang Ji Gang, gave her high praise commenting: “When Dong Mei was performing the dance ‘A Blossoming Apricot Branch,’ not only was her body moving fluidly, she was full of emotion. A good performer with depth and potential.” When she was in university, the Academy hired a renown Uyghur performing artist from Xinjiang, Hailiqermu Xidiker, to teach a professional leveled course. Dong Mei finished with a perfect score which had never been achieved by anyone since the establishment of Beijing Dance Academy’s exam system. She has performed many dance dramas and repertoire pieces in venues such as the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Lincoln Theatre and the Beijing National Theatre, demonstrating her rich experience in stage performance.

In an artistic journey that has spanned nearly 20 years, Dong Mei has created a one-of-a-kind vocabulary of physical movement inspired by tradition, innovation, and a unique worldview. In September of 2018, she collaborated with new media performing artist Sammy to create Flow(er), which premiered in Vancouver. In October of 2017, she was invited to the 3rd Fall for Dance North (FFDN), the most prestigious international dance festival in Toronto, to perform her solo “A Blossoming Apricot Branch.” It was the only solo dance presented in the festival and received great reviews from local artists and audience. Between 2016 and 2018, Dong Mei used three consecutive years to create a series of new works, including “Water,” “The Journey of Wang Zhaojun” and “Zhu Lai”, for the Chinese New Year Galas in Vancouver. In June of 2014, she choreographed and directed her solo dance show, Dong Mei and Water--A dialogue about Life, premiered at the Dance Center Theatre in Vancouver. At the same time, she explored through the creation of merging dance and short films: “Water,” “½”, and “Clash.


Wenhua Award for Outstanding Artists was founded by Minister of Culture of People’s Republic of China. The aim of this award is to recognize the outstanding contribution made by artists in the performing arts genre. It is by now the most prestigious award for performing arts. The awards include Wenhua Award of the Year, Wenhua Award for Original Production, and individual categories such as Outstanding Artist, Outstanding Director, Outstanding Playwright, Outstanding Stage Design etc.


Taoli Cup: Also known as ‘the Oscar of Chinese Dance’, the triennial Taoli Cup Dance Competition is the highest-standard dance competition in China. Founded by Beijing Dance Academy and hosted by Minister of Culture of People’s Republic of China, it recognizes and encourages young dancers and choreographers in the country. 



 冬梅,現為溫哥華自由獨立舞者。出生於廣西,2014定居溫哥華前曾為北京舞蹈學院青年教師。從11歲的附中、大學再到獲得MFA碩士學位(Master of Fine Arts),在大學三年級就已拿到中華人民共和國文化部主辦的專業舞臺藝術政府最高獎“個人文華表演獎”,大學二年級參加桃李杯比賽時得到2008年北京奧運會開幕式副總導演張繼鋼的高度稱贊:“冬梅所表演的舞蹈《壹枝紅杏》當中,她的身體遊刃有餘,情感豐富,是壹位有內容、有潛力的好演員。”大學期間在學院聘請新疆維吾爾族著名表演藝術家海力且姆·斯迪克的傳習課以壹百分的成績結業,此分數也是北京舞蹈學院歷屆考試以來從未有過的優異成績,曾在肯尼迪藝術中心,林肯劇院,北京國家大劇院等舞臺上表演過多部的舞劇和作品,有著豐富的舞臺表演經驗。

冬梅近几年的经历,她基于传统之上不断思考与创作实践,通过注入新的观念和思维方式,探索富于属于自己的身体语言。2017年十月受邀第三届Fall for Dance North(FFDN)多伦多首屈一指的国际舞蹈节表演独舞《一枝红杏》,是三场表演当中唯一一支的独舞作品,得到当地艺术家和观众的高度好评。2016至2018年连续三年不断创作《水》、《琵琶行》和《朱拉》等新作品参于温哥华的Spring Show“春绽”的表演。2014年六月于温哥华舞蹈中心剧场自编自演个人舞蹈专场“冬梅和水,生命的对话”。同时她还尝试创作多部舞蹈短片《水》、《1/2》、《撞》。