‘Jula’ means ‘vivid and joyous light’ in the Uyghur language, symbolizing the yearning of true love and good fortune of the Uyghur people. Jula is also known as a musical form from ‘the Twelve Muqam’, a famous suite of twelve sections of classical Uyghur folk music. Originating from the oasis alongside the Silk Road, the Twelve Muqam is a large canon of music and songs created by ancient Uyghur musicians. With a hint of Arabic style accompanied by exotic songs and dances, it has profoundly influenced Eurasian and North African music. On May 16th, 2005, the Twelve Muqam was designated as part of UNESCO’s World’s Intangible Heritage of Humanity list.

The music in this repertoire comes from the Jula theme of Ussaq, the 8th Muqam. The Ussaq Jula is the most well-known amongst all twelve Jula themes due to its unique, dance-like musicality. The choreography emphasizes the dancer’s delicateness and grace by utilizing sculptural movements that possess enormous inner power. In this dance, Dongmei abandons all unnecessary decorative techniques in order to retain the originality and tranquility of the dance.

Jula comprises of Grande Senem and Petite Senem. The Grande Senem is longer and more significant; therefore, people usually refer to Jula as the Grande Senem. In Uyghur, the word ‘Senem’ means ‘muse’, ‘goddess’ and ‘beauty’. It is also a famous name for girls.

To choreograph this dance, Dongmei travelled extensively in the Uyghur habitant to learn and categorize the local dance pieces. Her Master thesis, Ussaq Jula- a Study on the Traditional Uyghur Dance was also based on the materials she has collected.


October 2011 at Beijing Dance Academy

October 2012 at Splendid China in Houston, US


 “朱拉” 意为欢乐,绚丽多彩的光,寓意人们对光明前途美好爱情的向往。 “朱拉” 源于维吾尔族“十二木卡姆”,十二木卡姆是维吾尔族优秀的古典音乐,她是维吾尔人民创作出来的一部的大型音乐套曲,素有”东方音乐明珠”之誉称,2006年5月20日,十二木卡姆经国务院批准列入第一批国家级非物质文化遗产名录。

        “朱拉” 是第八套乌夏克中的第四首曲子,每一个木卡姆都有一个朱拉,乌夏克朱拉最有代表性和知名度,它的突出在于它的舞蹈和音乐,舞蹈风格特点美丽优雅,稳重大方,有着一种雕塑感,内在表现力很强,没有过多绚丽的舞蹈动作做装饰,朱拉中有中赛乃姆和小赛乃姆,但是大赛乃姆舞段在朱拉中占篇幅较大,同时也居重要的位置,所以通常说到朱拉就会说是大赛乃姆 。赛乃姆在维吾尔语中是偶象、神象、美人、美女的意思,也可为女人的名字,赛乃姆又亦称“赛兰木”。


2011年10月 北京舞蹈学院剧场

2012年10月 美国休斯顿 锦绣中华晚会