On May 10, 2014 (Saturday), Dongmei will be holding an open studio for her upcoming performance this June. The open studio will be held at Earl Kraul Studio of the Dance Centre (677 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC) from 2:15 to 3:30 p.m.

The purpose of the open studio is to invite prestigious local media, arts critics and other professional dancers to gain an exclusive insight into the choreographic concepts behind Dongmei’s production, as well as the cultural background embedded in each dance.

During the open studio, Dongmei will showcase her award piece, The Blossoming Apricot Branch, which has won numerous awards such as the Seoul International Dance and Choreography Award, and the Taoli Cup. She will also share how she choreographs her other piece, ‘Ode to the Corals’, which were deemed as ‘the best Chinese Dance in recent years’ by Liu Fei, Consul General of People’s Republic of China, Vancouver.

We will offer you the best performance and insight from the top Chinese Folk Dance artist, followed by opportunities of one-on-one interview about Dongmei herself and her upcoming performance in June. Both English and Chinese interviews are welcome.



为了给广大读者一个更好的了解舞蹈创作过程的机会,我们将在五月10日星期六下午2:15至3:30在Scotiabank Dance Centre的Earl Kraul Studio举办冬梅舞蹈工作室开放日。届时,众多媒体和舞蹈爱好者将有机会近距离观摩冬梅排练过程,并且进行关于民族民间舞、关于中国文化的探讨。