A trailer for Chinese folk dancer Dongmei's solo dances. All videos were took from Dongmei's performance "Water&Life" which was took place at the Scotiabank Dance Centre in Vancouver in June, 20/21, 2014.

A collaboration between Dongmei and students from Emily Carr - Celine Sun and Vincent Li- this video is a creative re-production of Dongmei's previous choreography, Water of Life. The using of the Pacific Ocean illustrates the artist's belief in the never-ending cycle of water and life.

This short piece is created in 2015 as a token of remembrance of the artist's past experiences. The relationship between water and the glass reminded the artist of the relationship between people, and that sometimes less is more.


《水》: http://v.qq.com/page/f/b/5/f0165lzecb5.html